All industries can benefit from promotional products. They remain one of the most effective, affordable ways to increase brand recognition, reach a wide audience, and create meaningful connections. Some industries use promotional merchandise more than others because it fits with their clients and method of marketing. Let’s check out what these industries are and the types of promo items Noro is providing.


Promotional items are valuable in the education sector, particular higher education. When schools attend college fairs, college expos, workshops, seminars, open houses, and other related events, these items help them stand out. Some of the most popular items include folders, writing instruments, frisbees, water bottles, and apparel.


Banks, credit unions and others use these products to promote their name and build trust with customers. Banks also use branded merchandise for incentives and rewards, such as when customers open a new bank account or attend a customer appreciation day. Popular items include stress balls, plastic piggy banks, travel mugs, and fidget spinners.


We all rely on healthcare, but that doesn’t mean competition doesn’t exist between doctor offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and others. Branded merchandise is a great way for medical offices and outpatient surgery centers to establish themselves in the community while developing trust. Promotional options are plentiful and include custom ice packs, pill boxes, and first aid kits.

Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations rely heavily on word of mouth, donations, and community support to keep their programs going. This is why promotional products are essential to their branding strategy. These items are often handed out at festivals and other community events to spread awareness about their mission. Top picks include silicone wristbands, tumblers, tote bags, and lanyards.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals incorporate branded swag into their marketing strategies. By attending community events and handing out these fun products, people in the community get to know them and can consider them for their future real estate needs. When combined with social media, it’s the perfect way to cultivate relationships. Some of the best products include door hangers, keychains, calendars, and magnets.


Public offices, agencies, political candidates, and others take advantage of promotional items to introduce themselves to the community. These products do an effective job of sharing the name of the agency or candidate along with their message. Popular items for the government sector include apparel, flags, ice scrapers, and stickers or decals.

As you can see, Noro has products and services that can benefit almost any industry.  There are no limits as to which industries can benefit from branded merchandise. The ones listed above are consistently partnering with Noro for promotional products and enjoying all the rewards that come with them!